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3 Signs You Should Enrol Your Puppy in a Training Course

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While some dog owners train their own puppies, this approach doesn't work for everyone. However, it is important to give dogs some basic training while they are young enough to learn how to behave well. This is especially important if your puppy shows signs of behavioural problems.

So, if your pet has any of the following problems, then sign it up for training.

1. Your Puppy Won't Follow Your Commands

While some puppies respond well to basic command training from their owners, some dogs just can't follow instructions consistently. They either won't listen to you at all, or they will obey your commands at some times but not at others.

A training course will reset your puppy's attitude towards command prompts. It teaches your puppy how to listen and respond appropriately in different scenarios. It also teaches you how to use commands effectively and consistently.

2. Your Puppy Is Aggressive

People sometimes think that aggression is a sign of an angry and violent dog. However, puppies often show aggression because they are anxious, stressed or scared. Sometimes, this behaviour is down to a lack of socialisation with other animals and people.

So, for example, your puppy might act aggressively when it meets other dogs. If it doesn't understand how to behave and finds other animals intimidating, then it might believe that it needs to be assertive to protect itself.

Puppies can also act aggressively if they feel that something they own is under threat. So, for example, a dog might snap or bark if another dog tries to play with one of its toys or with one of its human family members.

You need to deal with aggressive behaviour fast. Your puppy will grow into an aggressive dog that might attack other animals or even people.

A training course helps your puppy learn how to relax. Your pet will learn alongside other animals. During this process, it will learn valuable socialisation and behavioural management skills. You also learn how to control its aggressive tendencies.

3. Your Dog Is Destructive

Some puppies are destructive. They don't just play hard with their own toys, they also view anything in your home as their possessions.

So, your pet might chew shoes, items of clothing and even soft furnishings. You can't stop this behaviour easily.

A dog trainer can help you here. They can teach you clear commands that will stop your pet from destroying things. They can give you tips on how to keep your dog away from chewing triggers.

To get advice on the best course for your pet, ask your vet for advice. Some vets run their own puppy training courses. If they don't, they can recommend good trainers.

For more information about puppy training programs, contact a local company.