Keeping Your Pet Healthy and Happy

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3 Signs You Should Enrol Your Puppy in a Training Course

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While some dog owners train their own puppies, this approach doesn’t work for everyone. However, it is important to give dogs some basic training while they are young enough to learn how to behave well. This is especially important if your puppy shows signs of behavioural problems. So, if your pet has any of the following problems, then sign it up for training. 1. Your Puppy Won’t Follow Your Commands Read More»

5 Cat Grooming Tips

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Pet owners know that grooming their cats is an important part of owning a feline friend. Regular grooming helps keep your cat’s coat and skin healthy, as well as reducing the amount of dander they shed. Here are five tips to help make grooming your cat a breeze. Tip 1: Start Early And Be Patient When it comes to getting your cat used to being groomed, the earlier you start, the better. Read More»