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How Pet Grooming Offers Much More Than Just Getting Your Cat Or Dog Washed

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While many owners love their pets dearly, it is no secret that caring for some dogs and cats can be very difficult, particularly when it comes to cleaning them. That is why professional pet grooming services have popped up all over the country, with many offering complete packages to make sure your pet is clean and hygienic for the foreseeable future. However, most people wrongly assume that pet grooming is just about washing the hair of your dog or cat. In fact, pet grooming is so much more, so here are three examples of vital services performed at most pet grooming facilities.

Nail Clipping 

Nails are a constant source of conflict between dogs and their owners, as most pets absolutely loathe the experience of getting their nails clipped. Luckily, pet grooming companies know how to clip nails efficiently, at the right length and in a way that doesn't hurt your dog at all. Nail clipping is a great reason to take your pet to an animal grooming place or a vet, and many people go specifically to avoid having to do this arduous process themselves. If you want your dog's nails to not scratch your furniture (or skin!) and you don't want to do it yourself, pet grooming is the only answer.

Ear Wash

Apart from just washing the hair of your dogs and cats, most pet grooming places also offer the ability to wash their ears. Ears are not often thought of as being a very important area to clean on your pet, but if left alone for too long, it is very possible for gunk and other materials to gather in the ear and cause infections or simply block your pet's hearing. Washing the ear is a very delicate process, but the end result is almost always an ecstatic pet because they can now hear properly and have no nagging itches. 

Facial Trim

It is not uncommon to see cats and especially dogs with quite mangy areas of fur or hair around their eyes, nose and mouth. This area can be quite delicate to the touch because of how matted it is, and most pets do not appreciate it when you try to trim it. Pet groomers take this into account and do it very gently, but thoroughly, getting rid of all the matted fur and leaving your dog feeling far more relaxed about their fur. It also means they look a lot cleaner when out in public.

To get started or for more information, reach out to a local pet grooming service.