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Is It Too Early To Enrol Your Pet In Puppy Behaviour Training Classes?

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Being a pet owner comes with a multitude of responsibilities. While you get to enjoy companionship and unconditional love from your puppy, you have to ensure that you are nurturing your furry baby by providing them with a nutritious diet, staying current with all their vaccinations and more. However, being responsible for your pup entails much more than keeping them fed and hydrated. One often-overlooked part of being a furry parent is making sure that your dog is trained. Whether you rescued the animal or have had them from infancy, professional behaviour training will help with raising a good-natured pet. Here are just a few of the reasons why it is never too early to enrol your pet in puppy behaviour training classes.

Puppy behaviour training classes enhance safety

Unlike kids that learn how to decipher languages and can speak for themselves, pets have limited communication. And this can be a serious safety risk, both to your furry baby and people around it, unless they learn cues they can follow when you are trying to communicate with them. Behaviour training is a great way to enhance the safety of your animals since some of the classes focus on teaching them how to stay safe when exposed to day to day dangers. For example, without the right training, you cannot be guaranteed that something will not excite your pup across the road and end up running across traffic. When you both attend behaviour training classes, you learn how to keep your dog a safe distance away from a busy street and they learn what cues to expect from you when it is safe to cross the road.

Puppy behaviour classes improve socialisation

Dogs are pack animals. Irrespective of their domestication, these creatures are intrinsically social and they tend to exhibit such behaviour when in the presence of other dogs. However, the behaviour can be either friendly or aggressive, depending on whether your puppy feels they are the alpha or not. Therefore, to avoid unnecessary skirmishes with other animals, it is best to enrol your pet into a puppy behaviour training course that acclimatises them to socialise with other dogs in a controlled environment. The sooner that your animal learns how to play well with other dogs of different backgrounds, sizes and temperaments, the better it will be for their future interactions. This improved socialisation also helps your dog have a better relationship with you as well as other humans in its life.

To learn more, reach out to a local puppy behaviour training class instructor.