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Why It Can Be Cruel To NOT Desex Your Pet

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Over the last few decades, there has been a sharp increase in the amount of care and moral obligation many people have when it comes to the treatment of animals. This has been fantastic and has seen the living quality of millions, if not billions, of animals increase across the world from the farm to the family home. However, while well-intentioned, sometimes these efforts can be placed in the wrong direction. If you have got a new dog or cat and have been told you might need to desex it soon, then your immediate reaction may be one of disgust, but it really is a necessary and very helpful procedure for their overall happiness.

Reduces Mood Swings

When a dog or cat reaches sexual maturity, their temperament can become very wild indeed. There is simply no way to know if your dog or cat will still be the lovable, loyal animal you want or if it will have a complete change of temper and potentially be far more aggressive towards you. Pet desexing is painless for the animal and ensures that they do not have this chemical change in their brain that matches their body's development, so they remain a loving and calmer animal that enjoys their life with you.

Keeping Reproductive Organs Increases Chances Of Dangerous Conditions

The simple fact of the matter is that many dogs and cats that are not desexed often suffer from quite serious tumours and other serious and potentially fatal diseases that attack active reproductive organs. While it may seem counter-intuitive that keeping these organs can be dangerous for the pet, that is the sad reality. Pet desexing is not just about reducing the number of unwanted dogs and cats in the world, it is also about ensuring those that are alive enjoy their life to the fullest.

Accidental Pregnancies Are Not Always A Blessing

If you are not prepared to house additional cats and dogs then trying to find good homes for them after they are born by accident can be more challenging than you think. There is already an abundance of unwanted dogs and cats filling the many pounds across the country and adding more to this number is quite a cruel way to bring new life into this world. If your dog or cat is not going to have offspring then there is simply no need for them to keep their reproductive organs as they cause nothing but risk, injury or major mood swings, none of which are beneficial for the animal or you. 

Reach out to a vet to learn more about pet desexing.